Ocean1 AS is focusing on total Project Management contracts ranging from new buildings and conversions to system and equipment manufacturing projects. Our responsibilities include follow-up of sub-suppliers, ensuring on-time delivery on budget, and establishment of building specifications ensuring the highest possible product quality.


We provide you with analysis of project requirements.
Development of building specifications.
Research into leading technologies.
Setup of supply chains using an established network of suppliers and shipyards.

Project requirements

The most critical part of a project is often the planning. We provide thorough analysis to discover, define and document project requirements. This will give you an overview of the necessary timescale and resources needed to keep the project on track.

You need logistical solutions that are flexible and valuable. Through our established network of suppliers and shipyards around the world we set up your supply chains to optimize trade-offs in logistical activities and make sure you get the best possible return on investment.

Research and development is an important part of a project and your business as a whole. Ocean1 is dedicated to the development of detailed building specifications to ensure deliveries of high quality, and research into leading technologies to facilitate up-to-date and competitive services.


Expediting services, including Global Portfolio Expediting.
Quality Management and Project Management in shipbuilding, offshore and oil & gas.
Contracting and follow-up of projects towards clients and suppliers.
Advice regarding authority requirements.

Expediting services
Quality management
Project management
Authority requirements

Ocean1 is dedicated to Project Management in the shipbuilding, offshore and oil & gas industries. With our long experience, your project will be in good hands from start to finish.

Contracts determine the basis of interaction between companies. A good flow of communication is important. We handle contracting and follow-up of projects towards clients and suppliers.

A crucial part of any project is ensuring deliveries of high quality. With our extensive industry knowledge Ocean1 provides successful Quality Management and essential advice about authority requirements.


As your single point of contact we enable fast communication and quick decisions.
Testing and commissioning done according to specifications.
Trials and handover on-time and on budget.


Have you experienced projects that never seemed to end, went above budget and did not meet your expectations? Where time was lost because you could not get in touch with the right individual?

Because of our small organization and the absence of a heavy administration, Ocean1 has a focus on spending more time with our clients and we can offer reasonable pricing for our services. As your single point of contact we reduce the distance of communication and enable quick decisions.

To achieve results of a high standard we carry out inspections, testing and commissioning of each operational component in the project according to specifications. One of our most important concerns is ensuring that trials and handover are done on-time and on budget.


New Buildings and Conversions.
Systems and Equipment Manufacturing.
Ocean1 offers a total package representing all the segments you need, giving you complete solutions and deliveries.

New buildings
Systems and equipment
Complete solutions and deliveries

By choosing Ocean1 as your partner you get a total package, simplifying your projects and representing all the segments you need.

As a pivot point of your organization we offer complete solutions and deliveries for a wide variety of applications.